Pipelines and knowledge bases can be deployed as search engines. Within the search tab, in the top right, you can either select a knowledge base with the pull down menu, or click the double arrow icon to view a list of your pipelines / select a pipeline. You can also deploy a pipeline directly as search by clicking on "Deploy As" >> "Search" on the top right of the No-Code Builder.

Quick Facts:

  1. Clicking "Save & Export" will allow you to export your search engine either as a URL or as an iFrame.

  2. Clicking "View Saved Searches" will show a list of search engines you have created.

  3. In order for the search UI to show sources, ensure you have "Citations" checked on the LLM you are using in your pipeline (within the gear of the LLM node).

  4. If sources are enabled, the search engine UI will 1) place footnotes to site sources, 2) list out sources in clickable boxes in the section below the answer, and 3) show the exact chunk of information from the knowledge base that was used to answer the question at the very bottom.

  5. Below the search engine result, the search engine will also display 1) a box where you can ask a follow up question and 2) a clickable follow up question.

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