You can optionally provide your LLMs with tools. Based on the input the LLM will decide what tool to use and return the response.

See OpenAI function calling for an overview of how tools work

To use tools, attach nodes to the tools handle of a LLM

For example we can equip an LLM with an Internet search tool

The LLM will be able to query the internet using the Exa AI Search node

Multiple Tools

We can extend tool calling by providing multiple tools to the LLM. The LLM will choose which tool calls are most relevant output the results

We can provide general internet search with the Exa AI node and up to date news search from using the node. The LLM will decide which tool is most relevant to the user input and output the results. For example, we if I ask "What is the news about China?" the LLM may choose the tool and output the news.

Tool calling currently works with OpenAI and Anthropic LLMs

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