Creating a Chatbot

Deploy a chatbot with a pipeline as the "backend"

Chatbots allow you to extend your Pipelines' functionality by maintaining a running conversation history. You can access this conversation history by including Chat nodes in your Pipelines and then turning those Pipelines into Chatbots.

Create a New Chatbot

To create a new Chatbot, you can take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the "Chatbots" tab.

  2. Click the "Add" button. Open up the "Description" and "Pipeline Configuration" tabs and fill in the fields as follows:

    1. Within Description, give the chatbot a name and description

    2. Within Pipeline Configuration, select a pipeline to act as the "backend" of the chatbot and the input and output variables to be utilized. When a message is sent in a chatbot, it will be sent into the input node and trigger the selected pipeline to run.

Once complete, click "Save" to create the chatbot. The chatbot will now appear under the "Chatbots" tab

  1. Once the chatbot is created, the other tabs (functionality, export, and manager) will be enabled for editing. This will be discussed next.

Run a Chatbot

You can run a chatbot directly through the chatbot tab. Navigate to the chatbot you wish to run and click "Run".

In the menu, you are able to submit queries or continue an existing query by clicking on one of the existing conversations on the left hand side.

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