Chatbot Manager

The chatbot manager allows you to see the conversation history of your chatbots, analytics, and to download your chatbots. Navigate to the chatbot manager by clicking "View Chatbot Manager" on the "Chatbots" tab. Within the tab, you can use the pull down menu to select which chatbot you want to see data about. On the other hand, in the chatbot wizard (the pop-up when you click "edit" on a specific pipeline, you can navigate to the "Chatbot Manager" sub-tab). Clicking on this will directly open the chatbot manager specific to the chatbot you are currently viewing.

Chatbot manager navigation:

  1. Use the drop menu on the top left to switch between different chatbots.

  2. Click on the different IDs on the left hand side to see different conversations.

  3. Click the download button on the top right (next to "Analytics") to download all the chat data for this chatbot.

  4. Click "Analytics" to see data about # of conversations, # of messages, and cost over time.

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