Creating and Running an Agent

Agent Creation

On the agents tab you can view your created or imported agents.

To create a new agent click the create button.

The agent creation form allows you to define the following properties for the agent

  • Name: Give your agent a unique name: ie "Financial Research bot"

  • Task: Describe the task the agent is meant to accomplish

  • LLM: Decide which LLM to use to power your agent, GPT4 will be the most powerful but also the slowest

  • Tools: Choose the tools to equip for your agent

  • Inputs: Define the inputs to your agent, the agent can take multiple text, file or image inputs

  • Outputs: Define what the agent should output

You can also create agents by writing code in the VectorShift SDK

Agent Execution

To run an agent from the agents tab click the run button.

Then enter the agent inputs the same way you would for a VectorShift pipeline.

Agents can also be used as nodes in pipelines.

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