Agents Overview


Agents are powered by LLMs to autonomously make decisions and accomplish tasks. Agents can write and execute code, search the internet and perform complex research. While VectorShift pipelines perform a defined set of steps in sequence to accomplish a task, agents can decide for themselves what action to perform at each step.


Tools are actions and abilities that are given to agents. Agents can be equipped with tools such as internet search and image generation as well as custom tools defined by a user. On the VectorShift platform Agents make use of a wide variety of tools:

  • Data Loaders: Agents can connect to Data Loaders to access needed information

  • Integrations: Add integrations as agent tools in order to access your data

  • Code Interpreter: Allow the agent to create and run python code to perform complex tasks

  • Pipelines: Define VectorShift pipelines and allow agents to call them in order to perform your custom tasks

  • Agents: Agents can even run other agents as tools

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