Getting Started

Download our Python package to start using the SDK.


To use the VectorShift Python library, you should be using Python 3.10 or newer.

Our Python SDK is available as the vectorshift package on PyPl. Before downloading, ensure you have pip installed. Then, you can simply get started by downloading the package by running the command in your terminal of choice.

pip install vectorshift


The SDK is built upon our API. To access much of the functionality, such as saving and downloading pipelines, you should already have an API key ready.

We currently support a few ways to store API keys with the vectorshift package:

  • Store your API key as the environment variable VECTORSHIFT_API_KEY. Upon initialization, the package will check if this variable exists and stores it if so.

  • Create a Config object that stores the API key, and can be passed in to SDK functions that call API endpoints:

config = vectorshift.deploy.Config(
  • Pass the API key in as constructor string arguments to SDK classes.

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